Mobilizing Positive Action for Black Lives Through Digital Tools

September 28th, 2021


- 12pm - 1pm PST

- 3pm - 4pm EST

Join us for a fireside chat with Give Blck, the organization and digital tool tackling systemic racism by bringing awareness to Black-founded nonprofits and channeling capital into Black hands. What started as a simple, crowdsourced spreadsheet, went viral and has quickly grown into Give Blck — a groundbreaking database that's using technology to help reshape the philanthropy space with a race-conscious approach to giving.


Of the $450 billion donated annually in America, only a fraction goes to Black-founded organizations. Work & Co partnered with Give Blck to develop a brand and digital platform that helps combat this disparity in giving and promotes change that advances Black communities long term


Work & Co Technology Director Tim Hettler will lead a conversation with Christina Lewis, Give Blck's co-founder, and Aisha Alexander-Young, the organization’s newly appointed CEO. They’ll explore the Give Blck mission, what goes into launching a brand in a month’s time, and future plans for mobilizing positive action for Black lives.

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Fund Talks

The Work & Co Fund exists to support projects that improve our world. Among its other projects, the Fund has invested $1 Million specifically towards nonprofits and startups that are focused on advancement in the Black community. Along with Ameelio, Fund projects include the creation of, and partnerships with Woke Vote, NeighborShare the DID Collaborative. Learn more about our focus areas and how to apply here, and be on the lookout for more invites to Fund Talks throughout 2021.

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